What is a custom rod and why should you want one?

Custom fishing rods can be enjoyed by any level of angler.  Custom rods can offer all the best components while still being fully cosmetically customized to the anglers preference.  If you want a pink rod with purple wrap we won't judge.  We'll make it and we promise you'll love it not just for its looks, but for the functionality as well.

Here are just a few options that custom rods offer and how they make a difference out on the water:

Rod Blanks

Arguable the most important aspect of a custom rod.  Fiberglass , Graphite, or Carbon Fiber.  Light, Medium, Heavy blanks.  Slow, Medium, Fast, Extra Fast Actions.  Almost any combination of each in any size, the endless possibilities starts here.


Natural or Composite Cork, Wood, Foam, Carbon Fiber, ​Rubber grips/handles.  Whatever your preference of feeling for the application a custom rod can be built to suit.  Grips even come in dozens of different styles and colors.  Here at Papa Pickle's we cam even make our own cork grips.  This gives you the flexibility of purchasing an un-sanded cork grip that you can form and shape to your own liking at home.

Reel Seats

Often overlooked, a good reel seat can make a huge difference in feeling those small details and finicky bites.  For casting reels some reel seats offer a cut-out on the back side so that your rod hand is actually on the rod blank itself allowing you to feel so much more than you could without it.


Guides come in many different shapes, materials, and sizes.   Almost all store-bought rods use Aluminum Oxide ceramic inserts.  They have been used for Decades, and we use them as well when budget is a concern.   Stepping up to inserts made from Titanium Oxide or diamond polished Zirconium Oxide can make a big difference in weight, casting, and abrasion resistance.  This is a must for braided line. 

The Build

Blanks - Every Rod is built with performance in mind.  Once of the most commonly talked about and controversial topic in the rod building community is regarding the spine of the rod blank.  In the process of manufacturing a blank a spine is created where the material overlaps to its thickest point.  We ensure spine is placed on the top side of the rod with every custom rod we build.  This will ensure the rod can bend strait down naturally without the rod blank wanting to twist and torque.  Just think about how much easier it is to bend your own spine one way but not the other.

Epoxy - We use only the highest quality epoxy's to keep you handles and reel seats in place for good.  The last thing you want is a grip or reel seat spinning while your trying to land a fish.

Thread Finish - For thread finish we exclusively use ProKote™.  ProKote™ has the finest UV inhibitors available in a commercial rod finish.  Tests on ProKote™ note an 87% clarity retention compared to the leading manufacturer, while UV Yellowing was the lowest of all brands tested. Laboratory Tests note that ProKote™ Rod Building Finish is 207% better at non-yellowing.  This is essential for white and other light colored rods!

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